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Lacuna Coil Stills

Your Heaven's A Lie

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Welcome to lc_stills the still icon challenge community dedicated to the band Lacuna Coil. The stillness fad was created by quebelly If you want to make a stillness community, check out mod_stillness Your moderators are publicinertia and aliceunbelongng We're the only ones allowed posting access. Voting and entering is done through screened comments. This community is members only. Please read the rules before entering.
Award Banners If you want to, you can submit your own
Set #1(pink and blue) by aliceunbelongng
Set #2(lights) by toolostobesaved

1)It's called lc_stills kids, no animation

2)No stealing

3)No multiple accounts

4)Icon must fit lj standards-Limits: 100x100, 40kb, jpeg, gif, png

5)It's supposed to be anonymous-no posting your icon somewhere else 'till winners are announced (that also means the icon's specifically for the challenge)

6)No voting for yourself or telling friends to vote for you.

Submit like this:


xbandners _pedofolio _whored venomous_icons mod_stillness _amy_stills_ lc_challenge ev_layouts rock_contest amy_contest dont_exist vocalistacon ev_hush fallen_icontest nightwishstillshoobaicontest amy_hush _lushmachine wometal_stills